Brown Bread

In 2017, we had the privilege of going to Ireland with our daughter, Grace, my husband’s band, Mary’s Lane…and 40 more of our friends! It was breathtaking & fulfilled a lifelong dream. To experience several parts of the country, and spend a few days on Achill Island taking in the beauty and tracing my roots. Incredible. The only drawback was that I was pregnant and had morning sickness everyday…ALL day! I was a cheap date, of course, at the pubs, but the restaurants too. Brown bread became my best friend! The only meal I could handle besides, perhaps, a little tea & digestives!

Ever since, I have wanted to experiment & make a recipe of my own. As with any cultural dish, when I began my research, it was all over the place. Many claim you can’t make it without oats, many would never add sugar, many wouldn’t dream of skipping the wheat bran etc etc. I am sure that the recipe I share below will continue to change over the years as I learn more about its traditions and tweak my proportions. For now I am very excited to have a great recipe for brown bread that brings back such cherished memories, fills my belly for a day of sustenance, & tastes pretty damn good dipped in tea.

I am proud to share this recipe, and would love to hear from anyone that has their own version to share, or stories about its comfort & magic. Enjoy!

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