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  • Fall Harvest Meal
    Well I had a very fun class recently that gave me the perfect excuse to pull out some of my very favorite Fall recipes and make a night of it! After doing so, I wanted to share the recipes along, I hope you enjoy!! A great start to a fall dinner is a fall cocktail,… Continue reading →
  • Weeknight Meals on a Budget
    Weeknights are busy, but we still want to get a warm, semi healthy meal on the table! I put together a week’s worth of meals for a family of 5. 1 shop list reusing several ingredients, just a little prep on Sunday and you should be in and out of the kitchen in about a… Continue reading →
  • Grilling Season!
    Grilling season is upon us! We sure had a lot of fun welcoming the season with a big grill event at Home Appliance! Smokers, sous vide, and grill marks, oh my! Here are the recipes for all of the dishes (and cocktails) that we served, as well as some tips & tricks while you’re firing… Continue reading →

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