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I’m Brittany Reilly, and I have been a Chef for 20 years!  I am from & live on the westside of Cleveland, Ohio.  My husband, Brent & I have 2 kids, Grace & Joseph.  A Teenager, & a toddler!  My husband & I are also musicians and love to travel as a family.  

I started out in the food world waiting tables and serving catered events at the age of 15.  I loved the hustle and bustle. The excitement, the art of the conversations with the guests & the plating of their food. The smells, the bad words in the kitchen, drinking black coffee like a badass, and the tips!  Oh the tips!  A $20 bill slipped in my hand from a wedding guest felt like the biggest prize to be won!  Walking through a hallway turned kitchen at a catering venue…I had no idea what all what going on, but I NEEDED to know! And, I thought, maybe if I could learn to do what they were doing, I wouldn’t have to fold & stack chairs & tables at the end of the night anymore!

So I went to vocational school for culinary arts.  And was so lucky to have an incredible apprenticeship with an amazing French pastry chef.  She taught me so much more than a book ever could, & I was really doing it!  I started catering small parties for family & friends, and paying A LOT more attention to the brilliant chefs in my family, my Mom, my Grandma, & my Aunts.  I knew that this was what I wanted, and I planned to go on to Culinary school upon graduation.

I attended The Florida Culinary Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida & earned a degree in International Baking & Pastry.  It was so inspiring & exciting.  The positions I held during that time gave me discipline & freedom – a beautiful combination!

For many years, my husband & I toured the country playing music.  I catered & was a personal chef while off the road, and my dream of being a personal chef for a band came true…I just never thought it would be my band, HA!!

5 years ago, I took a position teaching cooking classes at Sur La Table, & eventually took the position as Resident Chef.  I realized how much I LOVED teaching, and running the program hit all of my other goal oriented happy places!  After our son was born, I was ready for a different scene, and I took an event catering/teaching position working for a wonderful local company, Home Appliance.  It is a beautiful showroom with 27 kitchens, and I have a ball using the space and making all sorts of yummy food for the events there.  I also run my small catering & personal chef business out of their kitchens.  

Though the pandemic hit hard, and we had to revamp our entire lives, I am enjoying the outcome from the pressure that was put on me.  Forced into the virtual world, I began videotaping tutorials & cooking classes on day 1.  Hosting live cook along events, and livestreaming concerts with my husband.  Through this time, I have bent in many directions, and tried many different avenues.  I am very happy to have found this space and excited to see where it leads!

I hope you enjoy the videos & recipes, join us for a virtual cooking class, & contact me for any catering or personal chef services!!  Enjoy!


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