What Makes a Perfect Grilled Cheese?!!

What Makes a Perfect Grilled Cheese?!!

So, this is a question that I have been asked many times before, & with National Grilled Cheese Day rapidly approaching, I thought I better get a good side by side test out there for ya! Ha!

One thing that has popped up more and more over the years is an argument that using mayonnaise instead of butter actually makes the crispiest, crunchiest sandwich!

I myself do not like the flavor or texture (or overall understanding of exactly what it is!) of mayo, so naturally this was not a trend that I was drawn to. However, in the name of science, I am generally willing to take one for the team. So I just finished doing a side my side test of 3 different sandwiches. 1 using all butter, 1 all mayo, and 1 a combination of both.

My results brought me to the conclusion that I think you need to do your own side by side test! HA! Basically I got great crunch and texture with all 3, but none tasted better than the all butter to me. Mmmm. I was not surprised:) So yes, it comes down to personal preference for sure! Here are a few other tips to get you started as well as a video of my experiment below! Let me know what kind you guys like the best, and any other tips and tricks you may have up your sleeve! Enjoy!

Grilled Cheese Tips:

  • Use more than 1 type of cheese – Typically a good flavored cheese + a good melter is perfect. For instance, provolone for melting & cheddar for flavor. Or american for melting and fontina for flavor.
  • If you lovvvve that yummy crunchy burnt cheese that gathers around the edges, try using some shredded cheese as well, so you get extra goodness!
  • Preheat your pan, but keep your heat on low. This prevents burning your bread before melting the cheese. It takes a bit longer, but is worth the wait for that perfect golden brown bread and ooey gooey cheese:)
  • Sprinkle with a little sea salt & pepper right after it comes out of the pan.
  • Whichever fat you choose to use, make sure to spread it to all edges of the bread, and arrange your cheese to do the same.

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