The Twelve Days of Christmas Box 2021

Welcome! This is an exciting new holiday venture, and I am super excited to share it with you! Matt had the idea late this summer during one of our mini brainstorms that it could be really fun to create an advent calendar of some sort. I chewed on the idea bit, and partially for the idea of less days, landed on a 12 days of Christmas box! A few trips to the dollar tree, a lot of planning, and many hours in the kitchen laboratory later and here you have it! Our very first 12 days box! I hope that it brings joy to those that have the boxes, and inspires others following along!

Almost anything that you see me post about is available for purchase in larger containers. just reach out and let me know what you might be interested in!

A little history on the 12 days of Christmas, and then we can begin revealing the items in the gold lined boxes!!

The 1st main thing that I learned while creating these was that the United States tradition of beginning 12 days before Christmas, and ending on Christmas day is not historically correct. It is merely an attempt to follow our calendars better, but for a few reasons, I rather like the ancient tradition of beginning on Christmas day.

The 1st reason being that the 12 days leading up to Christmas are already SO busy! It is hard enough to finish all the shopping, make it to all of the parties, & get some work done in between all of it. Plus with all of the gatherings and celebrations, I often feel like my cup is quite full during the season leading up to the holidays.

The 2nd reason being that there is……NOTHING for a while after Christmas! Sure, we have New Year’s Eve, but really there can be a bit of deflation after the holidays. What better way to avoid that, than a tiny little exciting surprise everyday. And if used properly, each of these items can bring you and your family, friends, or loved ones together, even if in a very small way. Whether it is using an ingredient together to make a dish, or enjoying a little morsel for a moment side by side, there are 12 different ways to share in this fun tradition.

The 12 days of Christmas originally was said to have begun on Christmas day, continue with days and days of feasts and celebrations & end with the Feast of Epiphany. There is fasting through advent, and the fast has ended. It makes sense that the celebrating of Christmas would accelerate after Christmas day and continue to follow the lunar calendar thereafter. Regardless of what, or how in depth you celebrate, the end of the calendar year is a time to come together and start anew. That is why I am very pleased to begin a new tradition that focuses on that time that my family and I choose to slow down and reflect. It seemed like the right time to enjoy the little things in life!

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