Twelve Days Of Christmas 2021 Day 2: English Mustard

On the 2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me, some mustard that is very spicy!!

AND how! As Coleman’s mustard brand says, ‘Not for the faint-hearted, the Original English Mustard from Coleman’s will set your taste buds ablaze. Perfect to give your sandwiches, dressings or dips a kick. Or serve in true English style with roasts, sausages or cold meats.

Mustard is the most widely used condiment in the world, as it is towards the top of the list in many countries on each continent! The general formula for making mustard is soaking mustard seeds (either brown, yellow, or a combination of the 2, like the one in your hands!) in vinegar & spices. Often there is a sweetener and another liquid added for a different depth. English mustard is made with beer.

Yes, English mustard is spicy, and this little jar is no exception! Mustard is a really special way to add heat to dishes and often overlooked. As ‘Coleman’s’ suggests, it is delicious on everything from sandwiches and homemade salad dressings to meat dishes. Below are some other ideas!!

*A heat component for charcuterie boards

*Combined with sour cream, salt & curry powder, it is a delicious dip or spread on sandwiches or wraps

*Mix with maple syrup & use as a perfect sauce for Salmon, or chicken

*Mix with honey and basically put on anything!!

*Add a dash to your homemade (or boxed) macaroni and cheese for a little bite and acidity

*It can help to cut through richness, in a cream sauce, mashed potatoes, even a soup

*Fairly useful as a decongestant, opening up breathing passages

*Delicious in deviled eggs, it is also quite wonderful whisked into your scrambled eggs or added to a hollandaise for poached eggs

*An essential ingredient for the perfect vinaigrette, try it on a salad with peaches or nectarines though, and YUMMMM!!

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