Greetings & Salutations!

Greetings & Salutations!

I just spent 5 minutes deciding how to say welcome. Really wanted to say Hey Y’all. I don’t live in the South, though I have, it more was because it made me think of one of my favorite songs…’Hey Y’all’. You know, the kind of song that makes you giddy, you need to sing every word, dance around, annnnnd act it out? Then I was thinking Bienvenido a Kitchen With Britt. Think, girl’s voice in Will Smith’s Welcome to Miami song. Obviously it was the right choice to move on from there. Then I was pretty happy with, Heyyyyy, but it looks ridiculous. Honestly as of right now it says plain old Welcome & I’m pretty sure that will change by the time I finish.

REGARDLESS, I am here to say hi! And, Hey Y’all. And, heyyyyyy. And I probably shouldn’t but, Biendvenido a Kitchen with Britt!!!

I’m SO excited to have my blog live! Thanks to my husband, Brent, for doing all the actual work to get me here!! I’m very lucky to have a right hand tech man. I appreciate technology, but it’s not 100% sure about me.

I truly hope to provide you with new ideas, skills, and recipes! I’m a sucker for unnecessary facts, and am really pumped about unloading some of them on you guys. Like for instance, where saffron comes from. But you’ll have to come back for that. I can’t give away all the good stuff in my intro!!

But really, I’m obsessed with food, where it comes from, and all the incredible ways that people of every culture and time period have procured, transformed, & cherished it. I spend every moment I possibly can learning and experimenting with it. And the best part about food is enjoying it while you share with others.

So whatever your skill, or your interest level, I hope that I can help. I know we don’t all love to cook. But we gotta eat! So for those of you that want to get in and out of the kitchen, I’m here for ya. For those of you that want to learn how to culture some local cream with wild airborne yeast to produce probiotic butter and buttermilk, and then turn that buttermilk in the best probiotic ranch dressing this village has ever seen…I’m here for you too!!

Please send me your kitchen questions. Tell me if there is something you want to learn. Let me know if you love a dish from a restaurant and want to recreate it at home with fewer calories. Or how to prep and freeze and double batches to get ahead of the game. I am very excited to do all of those things!

And please check out my About Page to learn more about who I am, where I come from, and exactly what I do! From catering & personal chef services, to live & virtual cooking classes…I’m in the kitchen a lot!! See you there!

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