Gluten free baked goods can often turn out to be code for Dry…it can also turn out to be code for expensive. So many people have found themselves to be gluten intolerant, or are choosing to cut back on their intake for many health reasons. That doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice flavor, or fill our pantries with expensive alternatives.

One of my favorite gluten free subs is to make oat flour for baked goods. It cannot be substituted cup for cup for all purpose flour in every recipe, but I have found it to be wonderful in so many. 1 Tip when using any type of gluten free flour, is to let it sit with all the ingredients mixed together for 10 minutes before scooping into prepared pans. This helps these different grains to soak up the liquid ingredients before baking.

I adapted this recipe from a few different ones that I had previously tried, and I am really happy with it. It isn’t too sweet, and I LOVE the little salt flavor that I get at the end! Let me know if you have any questions at all, enjoy!!

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