Ribs in The Steam Oven: From Defrost, to Done!

By now, we are no strangers to the phrase & feeling, ‘The best laid plans…’ And though it shouldn’t surprise us anymore, it doesn’t mean that it can’t really mess up your week. I had a good plan, life got in the way. Where I should have been ahead, I’m behind. It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last, but man I’m always looking for a way to butter up the in between! Bridge the gap between falling behind to being back on track, or from shit storm to shit is together. Sometimes, shocker, it can happen with a meal. For me today, that meal was ordered on doordash, ok?! I knew I couldn’t make it happen, but I knew a guy that could! And I was right. It was worth it.

I’m not saying it will fix everything, but I am used to turning to the kitchen for comfort. And as far as bridging a gap – check out how this steam oven can take frozen ribs, and defrost them for you to rub with spices and then cook them till they fall off the bone! It might not completely set you ahead of the game, but you can’t feel like you are falling behind when you put frozen food into your oven for 15 minutes and pull it out perfectly defrosted! Enjoy!

Filmed at Home Appliance Sales & Service

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