In The Kitchen With Britt & Matt Episode 1: Lay Lady Lay

Well! This has been a long time coming & I am so excited to FINALLY release our debut episode of ‘In The Kitchen With Britt AND Matt’!!! Matt & I have worked together in the kitchen for almost 4 years & always have a ball. From slap happy early mornings prepping for kid camps, to late nights with what seems like ENDLESS dishes, we have shared fun times in the kitchen & shared a lot about our lives while doing it.

He was there when I was sick as a dog pregnant with Joseph, barely able to smell the refrigerator without getting sick, let alone cook a meal! I was there to hear about the 1st time he met his boyfriend, right outside of work & all of the excitement that comes with a year of 1sts. He watched Grace grow from a little girl in the kitchen with friends & cousins to a lady, & I’ve followed along as his nieces grew up from babies to toddlers to young girls that just love their Uncle Matt! I am so lucky to have someone that brings out all the silliness & fun inside of me, when what I am really feeling is tired and ready to SIT down. To me, that’s a big winner, and the best kind of friend to work with!

While prepping for classes about a year & a half ago, we started pretending that we had a cooking show together and we would laugh and come up with all sorts of fun ideas & get so sad when the class would come in and interrupt our big fat wonderful daydream! I have had my hands full with exciting catering jobs and personal chef clients, and was ready for an extra set of hands. When Matt said he could help, I was so excited to get back in the kitchen together, but also KNEW that the time had come to finally start our little show:)!!!

So here it is! I hope you have fun watching, I hope you try the drink we created too because it’s DELISH. It is a pink Valentine cocktail & it is called a, ‘Lay Lady Lay’. And I am so excited for the episodes to come! Drop a comment below & let us know what you think, & thank you for joining us in the kitchen, Enjoy!!

Video Filmed at Home Appliance Sales & Service

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  1. What? I know Matt!

  2. Love the energy and dynamic of you two! Can’t wait for more! And to try out the drink πŸ™‚

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