Vote for Me For The FavChef Contest!!

Hey everyone! I’m super excited to announce that I have entered the FavChef Contest! Please consider taking a minute & voting for my page to win, and sharing the page to ask your friends to do the same:)!

I have never entered anything like this before, and generally just kind of pass them by. This time I stopped myself and really thought it over. Throughout the past year, I have shifted focus quite a bit and have landed somewhere a little different than I expected. When you end up somewhere that you didn’t expect to be, I think it is important to turn off your automatic responses and put a little consideration into uncharted territory.

One of my dreams has always been to host a show, where I dig into my kitchen ‘lab’ passions and share them with other super cool foodies like myself. I get so much excitement about experimenting in the kitchen, way beyond the plate. I’m not talking about adding a fruit to an entree experiment, or mixing an Asian & Italian dish together. I’m talking about making miso from garbanzo beans, and homebrewed vinegars. Using my sous vide to make cheeses & my oven to culture cream for butter & buttermilk. I am talking about the root of the transformation of ingredients, & the roots of preservation. Growing salt, fermenting fruit into hard ciders, foraging for edible & medicinal plants, curing meats, aging cheeses, pickling with wild yeast instead of vinegar, and of course visiting the source – where our fruit, meat, dairy, & spices come from. Asking the experts to share their passions so these traditions & this art can continue to blossom in a society that’s moving pretty quickly away from it. So I signed up for a contest! I think, I HOPE, there are many others out there that are passionate about where their food comes from and delicious ways to manipulate it. I took a chance to see if I could find enough of them to vote for me so that I can begin a really cool new passion project to share!

Thank you for your vote, I look forward to finding a way to make this happen regardless. Please let me know any ideas you might have on this – a cheesemaker in the family that would let me visit? A local network that would be interested in a show like this? A fun foodie dish you would like to learn about it? I love it all!! Cheers!

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